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Tagalog Journey  includes shipping

The following are included at No Charge with this item:

• 1 of Answers - Download ($25.00 value!)
• 1 of How to Start Journey in Your Ministry - Download ($9.95 value!)

Free access to the Online Resources and Answer sheet download are included at no charge. This booklet has a color cover and black and white images in the interior.

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Tagalog Journey includes shipping

  • Journey has 10 lessons with 122 pages. Most disciples have their own disciple before they complete the last lesson.

    Journey is one complete book for discipleship and discipleship training.  No other materials or books are required.

    The book is a standard 8 1/2 by 11 size with perfect binding.

    The 10 lessons cover 100 topics.  Here is an overview of the themes:

    Lesson 1 - Salvation

    Lesson 2 - My Assurance

    Lesson 3 - Prayer

    Lesson 4 - The Church

    Lesson 5 - Discipleship

    Lesson 6 - The Future

    Lesson 7 - Spiritual Formation

    Lesson 8 - Faith

    Lesson 9 - Conversation

    Lesson 10 - Loving God



    Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  


    What do you get for the cost:


    • The lessons and training are in one book - no other materials needed.  

    • Every page of every lesson has additional resources and help on the web site.


    • New content is being added regularly - at no charge.

    • Every discipler and disciple will learn to give financially to the church.


    • We use quality materials for a professional presentation.

    • New witnessing tools are freely downloaded.


    • The disciple will be an "intuitive daily witness" through the water cooler scenarios.

    • These lessons will get the disciple into the Word of God daily.


    • Your best disciples and disciplers will go through the entire Bible.

    • You will have a clear, simple process for developing leaders.


    • These lessons strengthen the disciple's loyalty to the Pastor and church. 

    • You can have opportunities around the world for your disciplers.


    Need to see every page?   Order the Sample Journey and Student Journey that has answers and comments for $19.95 which includes Free Shipping and a copy of How to start Journey in your Ministry.

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