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The Journey Bible Institute - 264 pages (free shipping)

Our Bible Institute curriculum expands upon the Journey Discipleship lessons, delving deeper into each subject in the same sequential order for a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the Bible.


The curriculum contains a balanced blend of Theology and Doctrinal studies, complemented by practical applications for real-world implementation.


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  • a comprehensive Answer Key file
  • a complete Compilation of all Bible Verses studied in the curriculum
  • an Exclusive file on Advanced Teaching Techniques for any culture.


These additional materials are designed to support and enhance effective teaching and application of the biblical teachings covered in the courses.


Here is an outline of Volumes 1 - 10  (268 pages)



1.  The Existence of God

2.  The Person of God

3.  God is a Balanced Being

4.  The Trinity

5.  Names, Fatherhood & Silence of God

6.  The Fear of the Lord



1.  Prophecies and Life of Christ

2.  The Virgin Birth of Christ

3.  The Deity of Christ part 1

3.  The Deity of Christ part 2

4.  Relationship of the Son to the Father

5.  The Humanity of Christ

6.  The Sinlessness of Christ

7.  The Character of Christ

8.  The Teaching of Christ

9.  The Commands of Christ

10.  The Miracles of Christ

11.  The Resurrection of Jesus

12.  The Ascension of Christ

13.  The Intercessory Work of Christ



1.  The Creation Story

2.  Evolution

3.  The Fall of Man

4.  Sin

5.  Man a Tripartite Being

6.  Satan



1.  Justification

2.  The New Birth or Regeneration

3.  Adoption

4.  Faith

5.  Repentance

6.  Forgiveness

7.  What Happens When One Believes

8.  Heaven

9.  Hell

10.  Theology

11.  Anthropology

12.  Soteriology



1.  The Inspiration of the Bible

2.  The Bible

3.  Further Studies about the Bible

4.  Bibliology
5.  Five Non-Negotiable Doctrines 

6.  O.T. Survey

7.  N.T. Survey

8.  150 Major Bible Events

9.  How to Interpret the Bible

10. Dispensations



1.  Assurance of Salvation

2.  Confession of Christ

3.  Prayer

4.  The Quiet Time

5.  Worship

6.  Baptism

7.  Holy Communion

8.  Christian Fellowship

9. Finding the Lord’s Will

10. Christian Suffering



1.  The Church

2.  Despising the Church

3.  Church Discipline

4.  The Pastor

5.  Duties of Elders and Deacons

6.  The Church Members Place in the Church

7.  Revival

8.  The Lord’s Day

9.  The Grace of Giving

10.  Ecclesiology

11.  New Testament Church Distinctives



1.  The Second Coming of Christ

2.  The Results of His Return

3.  Angels

4.  Demonology

5.  Satan’s Attacks Against Christians

6.  Angelology

7.  Life

8.  Death

9.  Resurrection

10.  The Bema Seat

11.  The Judgments

12.  Future Glory and Rewards

13.  Eschatology



1.  Sanctification

2.  The Victorious Christian Life

3.  Separation

4.  Backsliding

5.  Love

6.  Praise

7.  Christian Marriage

8.  The Christian Home

9.  Law and Grace

10.  Conscience

11.  Compromise

12.  Abstinence, Not Temperance

13.  Temptations

14.  Immorality and Morality

15.  Ten Convictions for Today 



1.  The Personality of the Holy Spirit

2.  Deity and Names of the Holy Spirit

3.  The Work of the Holy Spirit

4.  Sins Against the Holy Spirit

5.  The Spirit-Filled Life

6.  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

7.  The Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit

8.  Further about the Holy Spirit

The Journey Bible Institute - 264 pages (free shipping)

  • Explore the Depths of God's Word with Our Comprehensive Bible Institute Curriculum


    I. GOD THE FATHER: Delve into the profound mysteries of God's existence, nature, and character. Understand the balance of His being, explore the concept of the Trinity, and learn about His names, fatherhood, and the significance of revering the Lord.


    II. GOD THE SON: Journey through the life of Christ, from prophecies to His ascension. Study His virgin birth, deity, humanity, and sinlessness. Reflect on His teachings, miracles, resurrection, and ongoing intercessory work for humanity.


    III. MAN AND CREATION: Uncover the truths of creation, man's fall, and the realities of sin. Explore the complex nature of humanity and gain insights into the role and influence of Satan.


    IV. SALVATION: Navigate the critical concepts of salvation, including justification, regeneration, and adoption. Understand the essence of faith, repentance, forgiveness, and the profound changes that occur upon believing, along with the doctrines of heaven, hell, and key theological studies.


    V. THE BIBLE: Dive deep into the inspiration and structure of the Bible, its significant events, and how to rightly interpret its teachings. Grasp the core doctrines and explore the richness of the Old and New Testament scriptures.


    VI. CHRISTIAN LIVING: Learn about living a victorious Christian life, from gaining assurance of salvation to understanding prayer and worship. Discover the importance of fellowship, discerning God's will, and enduring suffering as a believer.


    VII. THE CHURCH: Explore the biblical concept of the Church, its importance, discipline, leadership roles, and the individual's place within it. Understand revival, the significance of the Lord's Day, the grace of giving, and church distinctives.


    VIII. THE FUTURE: Unveil the events surrounding the Second Coming of Christ, including angelology, demonology, and the battle against Satanic forces. Delve into life, death, resurrection, future judgments, and the eternal rewards and glory that await believers.


    IX. SANCTIFICATION: Embark on a journey of sanctification, understanding the victorious Christian life, the importance of separation, handling backsliding, and embracing love and praise. Discover insights into Christian marriage, the home, the balance of law and grace, and the power of a clear conscience.


    X. THE HOLY SPIRIT: Deepen your understanding of the Holy Spirit's personality, deity, and work in believers' lives. Learn about sins against the Spirit, the Spirit-filled life, and the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


    Join us for an enriching experience as we delve into these fundamental and transformative biblical teachings. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to deepen your faith, knowledge, and practical application of God's Word in your life.

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