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6 Student Journey - free shipping

**Unleash the Power of Discipleship for your Young People!**


Dive deep into discipleship with our exclusive offer:


🎁 Purchase our discipleship book and get:

- A **FREE** download of "How to Start a Journey in Your Ministry" (valued at $9.95)

- **FREE** Online Access to a treasure trove of Internet Resources (worth $99.00!)


Inside the "Student Journey" book, you'll find:

- Two sections, totaling 26 transformative lessons.

- A seamless blend of traditional teaching and online resources.


Whether you're a discipler or disciple, this book is tailored for you. Unique fill-in-the-blank sections allow for interactive learning. Church Leadership provides answer sheets to the Disciplers.


Empowerment is at the heart of our mission. We envision students discipling each other in a one-on-one, peer-to-peer setting.


After your purchase, look out for our email. It'll contain the answers and additional resources to start your discipleship journey!

6 Student Journey - free shipping

  • Introducing the **Student Journey**, tailored for the young and vibrant minds of today. Engage in a vivid and interactive learning experience like never before.


    **Highlight Features:**

    - **Highly Interactive**: Crafted specifically for the dynamic youth, every lesson is designed to captivate.

    - **Enhanced with Technology**: Each page boasts a QR Code, enabling students to delve deeper via introductions, summaries, or additional insights directly from their smartphones.

    - **Web Resources**: Beyond the QR Code, students can access supplementary resources on our website for every page.

    - **Downloadable Answers**: Upon order, you'll be provided with a downloadable answer sheet.


    **Content Breakdown:**


    **Section One** offers insight into pivotal subjects including:

    - God

    - Bible

    - Assurance

    - Prayer

    - Sin

    - Holiness

    - Church

    - Baptism

    - Giving

    - Future

    - Devotion

    - Truth

    - Witness


    **Section Two** takes students on a personal verse-by-verse exploration of Ephesians 4-6. These lessons are meticulously curated, proving highly effective in drawing young individuals closer to God and His Word.

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