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12 Journey - free shipping

Save 20% with Six Journey Discipleship Books ($60 savings)


**Unlock the Ultimate Discipleship Experience!**


With your purchase, reap the benefits of our complimentary offerings:


🎁 **FREE Downloads**:

- "Answers for Lessons" (a $25.00 value!)

- "How to Start a Journey in Your Ministry" (valued at $9.95)


🌐 Plus, get **FREE Online Access** to a wealth of Internet Resources, worth $99.00!


Each book:

- Features all 10 enlightening lessons.

- Grants you complimentary access to our enriching Online Resources.


One comprehensive guide for all: Whether you're guiding as a discipler or growing as a disciple, this book is your perfect companion. Filled with interactive blanks, Church Leadership offers the answer sheet exclusively to the Disciplers.


**Bonus**: Comprehensive guidance on how to utilize the 'Journey' and kick-start it within your ministry is provided absolutely free!

12 Journey - free shipping

  • Dive into the enriching experience of the Journey. With just 10 comprehensive lessons spanning 122 pages, many disciples are inspired to nurture their own disciple even before they reach the final lesson.


    **Journey: Your Complete Guide to Discipleship and Training**


    - All-in-one: One encompassing book for discipleship, negating the need for any other materials.


    - Perfectly sized: Crafted in a standard 8.5 by 11 dimension with a flawless binding.


    **A Glimpse of the Themes Covered:**

    1. Salvation

    2. My Assurance

    3. Prayer

    4. The Church

    5. Discipleship

    6. The Future

    7. Spiritual Formation

    8. Faith

    9. Conversation

    10. Loving God


    **Value for Your Investment:**


    - **Single Comprehensive Book**: All lessons and training are consolidated into one, eliminating the need for additional materials.


    - **Extended Resources**: Each page is complemented by additional online resources and support.


    - **Regular Updates**: We consistently add new content at zero extra cost.


    - **Stewardship Education**: Disciplers and disciples are equipped to contribute financially to the church.


    - **Quality Assured**: Expect nothing less than professionally presented material.


    - **Witnessing Tools**: Freely downloadable tools help shape an "intuitive daily witness."


    - **Engagement with Scripture**: Ensures disciples engage with the Word of God daily.


    - **Complete Learning**: Your top disciples and disciplers journey through the entire Bible.


    - **Leadership Development**: A lucid, straightforward method for nurturing leaders.


    - **Building Loyalty**: Lessons reinforce the disciple's dedication to the Pastor and church.


    - **Global Opportunities**: Open doors worldwide for your disciplers.


    **Curious to Explore Further?** Get the Sample Journey and Student Journey with answers and feedback for just $19.95. This includes free shipping and a bonus guide on initiating Journey in your ministry.

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